Holiday departure: how to survive a long car journey?

Image Holiday departure: how to survive a long car journey?

If we think about a car journey, we often think it is a source of boredom. A long car journey can be exhausting and tiring. However, there are some tips for you to survive and even have fun during the trip.

Drive well

The most important thing to have in mind is to not just survive but have fun and be in a good mood during the trip. Here are tips that can help you having a long car journey without you swearing to not travel by car any more for the rest of your life

  • Eat and drink well

Did you know that one hour of driving only costs you about 80 calories? It's not so important as what you think, is it? What is essential during long journeys, more than to eat, is to drink. No alcohol, of course, but water, juice or tea, can help you to focus on the road. Do not neglect snacks either. The good plan is fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty food before going on the road or during breaks, as they tend to make you sleep. However, if you have given in to the temptation, stretch your legs a little before taking the wheel.

  • Ventilate the car

Having heating or air conditioning is of great use. Nevertheless, in a small confined space, they can quickly cause headaches or exhaustion. To properly oxygenate the cabin, there is only one solution: open the window from time to time to renew the air you breathe. Another tip: getting a refreshing wipe on your face can help you breathe better. Same if you breathe a handkerchief that you moistened with a little mint oil, eucalyptus or lemon balm.

  • Know when and how to rest

To live well a long journey by car, it is essential to take breaks. It is advisable to take a break every 2 hours, even for only 5 minutes. A small cup of tea or coffee from time to time also helps to combat fatigue. One thing very important: When you take a break, do not sit in the car, especially if you are prone to back pain. Get out, move a little, stretch. This will reactivate your blood circulation. If the need arises, do not hesitate to take a longer break, for meals, for example. You can also take the opportunity to close your eyes a little.

  • Set the mood

Alone or in family, it's important to have a good time in the car. Remember that it's the very important part of the car journey because anything you do on the car will depend on all travelers' mood. A silently boring side can annoy the passengers either the driver that could lead to drowsiness.

How can it be possible?

It's not obvious to go on a long car journey and not get tired or bored to death. The best and most practical solution is to rely on the travel agency, an online one to get you the car you want. Opodo suggests you many choices depending on your options. Whether you are alone or accompanied, they consider your situation and give your car choices with as much comfort as possible. Actually, Opodo has many tourism services related over the world, then, it's easy for them to show you the best selections from which to choose.

The wind blowing straight to your eyes and messing up your hair, some obstacles on the road or sometimes just a long car journey can be a big challenge for travelers. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to cope with the trip. It's not the end of the world, but a long car journey can provide inspiration and repair, and refresh the mind. There's no more time to hesitate, book on Opodo's website to rent a car to get a dream long car journey.